Reasons to be a ChargeOwner


Become a ChargeOwner and you will be able to finance your charging. Make the most of your garage and/or charger when you are not using it. You can capitalise on those things you have at home that are underused, even covering the costs of charging your own vehicle at night.

You will be helping to reduce the carbon footprint and fighting climate change. Join this worldwide trend changing to electric.

You set the price and decide when your parking place and/or charger will be available.

Build up credit with charging and use of your parking place, to spend on your own trips.


We want your to feel confident about loaning your space to a ChargeUser.


When a ChargeUser contacts you, answer quickly, whether or not they have a confirmed booking. This is the best way to show you are a caring, considerate ChargeOwner.


Keep your calendar up to date with availability to avoid applications for dates you cannot accept. If you set a minimum or maximum number of hours for bookings, you will only receive applications according to your preferences.

Reply to queries and booking applications within 24 hours to keep your booking ratio high, thus obtaining a higher degree of commitment within the user community.

Booking confirmation

When you confirm a ChargeUser booking, they will count on you to make sure everything is ready. Whether you are on holiday or a work trip, sudden changes to your booking can be inconvenient. If something unexpected arises...


If you have to cancel a booking, inform the ChargeUser as soon as possible. This way they will have more time to find an alternative parking place. If you know other ChargeOwners who have a parking place in the same area, ask them if it is available for the ChargeUser and put them in touch with each other.

It is important that the parking place is free and accessible when the ChargeUser arrives, in order to avoid penalties.

If, due to force majeure, or safety problems, Charge and Parking may cancel cancellation penalties of ChargeOwners.


As a ChargeOwner, you can provided ChargeUsers with detailed information about your parking facility so that they can decide if it meets their requirements. They will rate the information you have provided.


Use several high quality photos with a detailed description of the space and resources, if there is a pillar nearby, what floor it is on, if there is a lift they can use...

Honesty is fundamental when sharing, any inconvenience could affect ChargeUser's booking.


When you post your ad, use the most accurate location possible so the system can locate it on the map. ChargeUsers rate if the address you have provided is the real one, since it is important for them when they are planning their trip.

Remember they might be tired after a long journey, and the process must therefore be as simple as possible.


Inform ChargeUsers in advance about the details of the arrival process and make sure you meet the arrangements. Make sure ChargeUsers know how to contact your if they are delayed or if there are last minute setbacks. Provide detailed directions for ChargeUsers about how to reach your location.


All ChargeUsers like to park in large, easy, accessible places, but don’t worry if your parking place is not like this.


Make sure your ad describes your parking place. For example, if there is an easily accessible ramp, if it is easy to park, the dimensions of the parking place. Honesty is fundamental.

General experience

ChargeUsers can rate their general experience in your parking facility.

The average score you have been awarded will be displayed in the user category section on the website.

ChargeUsers will also be able to see the rating when searching for a list of advertisements that meet their preferences.

Therefore, if you are highly rated, your advertisement will be highlighted with these results.