OCPP Protocol

Charge and Parking is not only a collaborative economy platform to share your recharging points and perform recharges, it is also a free tool to connect any recharge point with OCPP protocol 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0, or without OCPP protocol, and have absolute control over the point of recharge

If you already have a recharge point without connecting or connected to any other platform, there is no problem to connect and join the Charge and Parking community without any cost to the user of the recharge point.

If you are thinking about installing or buying a recharging point, with Charge and Parking you'll have a very powerful tool to sell and manage the recharges of your customers

Do you have a recharge point and want to know in real time the use made of it? Know 24/7 if you are connected and active? Charge and Parking is your solution. If you are a manufacturer and want to know if your recharge point can be used with Charge and Parking and to offer the platform to your customers.