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So ChargeUsers can contact you to recharge their EV´s.

Publish your charging point

Tell us where your parking place with a plug is and it availability. Make the most of the time when you are not using it.

And enjoy the Charge and Parking experience.

Join us and become part of a community which, like you, is interested in travelling in a different way.

Take advantage, you could cover the costs of your own vehicle.


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Share your electric charger

Share your charger when you are not using it. Earn extra money with the collaborative economy.

Sell your solar energy

We put in contact users who want to charge their electric vehicle with 100% green power.

Share your parking place.

Thanks to our platform, you will have millions of users ready to use your facilities.

Easy use

We have different payment systems, and ways to make arrival at parking places easier for different users.