How does it work?

You can park your vehicle conveniently, saving money, with the possibility of charging your EV in parking places shared by users in your city or another destination.

If you're a owner:

You can make extra earnings by renting your parking space for electric vehicles, with or without charger.


1. Create your advertisement free, providing the address of the garage, if it has a charger or not, a brief description, number of parking places, manoeuvrability, type of plug, availability, price and photographs.

2- Manage your advertisement. Once you have created your advertisement, you can manage and share it in your social media.

Drivers who want to book a parking place will contact you, ask questions and arrange the time to deliver the key.

You can manage all your bookings, accepting or rejecting them.

Make the most of the time your garage is empty and your charger is not in use, and cover the costs of charging by renting them out to other platform users.

If you're a driver:

You can quickly find a garage, and a charger, for your electric vehicle. You will save time and money, and you will no longer have to drive round looking for a garage or a charger.


1- Search the area where you want to park, define the date and choose from among the available garages.

2- Book the garage of your choice. You can contact the owner to ask questions and arrange access.

3- When your booking has been validated, you can view the complete information about the garage in the app and in your e-mail.