Why underuse your parking space and your recharging point when you are not using them? Charge and Parking, the collaborative economy platform brings you the definitive recharging point to charge your electric car and share it with other users when you are not using it.

Charge and Parking is a collaborative economy platform where users publish and reserve parking spaces with charging points around the world to share with electric vehicle users.

Our objective is to solve a present situation and future problem due to the inefficient public structure of charging points for electric vehicles. Charge and Parking solves the problem of being able to recharge your electric car anywhere in the world.

Load balancing with installed power, license plate and facial recognition, load schedule by time and power, integrated door opening, reservation and management of top-ups from the app




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109.217,72 €

Smart management

The new CO-Charger allows the intelligent management of your vehicle's load, allowing you to derive the remaining energy from your home for vehicle loading. This will prevent the light from jumping due to a high power demand.

Fully automated process

With CO-Charger you can allow other users of the Charge and Parking platform to use your recharge point by fully automating the process. You simply accept reservations and earn money for each user who uses your point.

Opening of the parking door

If your garage has an automatic door, centralize the access with the recharging point. Allows reserved users to open the door from the app in a completely secure manner. Thanks to the recording of images and the license plate recognition, you will know at all times that it is the reservation user, otherwise the alarm will be triggered and our central office will notify you and the authorities.

Fleet management

Are you a company and have a fleet of electric vehicles? This is your point! Take full control of the consumption of each vehicle and the hours of loading. Automate the process and allow other users to use your facilities when you are not using them to load your fleet.

CO-Charger is a charging point fully integrated in the Charge and Parking platform that allows you to do Charge sharing. A charging point of the future, with functionalities that no other charging point has on the market.

All functions and configurations of the CO-Charger will be done from the existing Charge and Parking website and APP, which already has many charging points and thousands of users.

Allways connected

Thanks to the OCPP protocol, the point is always connected. The recharge point is connected to the internet and at all times you will know what state it is in. In addition, the system is connected to our central, so that users who have problems with the load can receive assistance with just a push of a button.


Activate the point

Activate the recharge point, even remotely, with a simple click on the app or the web. Program the recharges taking advantage of the valley rates.

Man using our APP

Características adicionales

  • Pantalla 10"

    CO-Charger cuenta con una pantalla táctil de 10” , donde además de toda la información de la recarga y menús de uso, también podrás mostrar anuncios o mensajes.

  • Conectores Mennekes y Shucko

    El CO-Charger admite cargas de 3 kW a 22 kW, en monofásico y trifásico.

  • Altavoz y micro para tele asistencia

  • La luz LED indicará el estado del CO-Charger

  • Sensor de movimiento y activación de luz

  • Conexión WIFI, 3G/4G, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Radiofrecuencia

    Gracias al protocolo OCPP, el punto está siempre conectado. El punto de recarga está conectado a internet y en todo momento sabrás en qué estado se encuentra. Además, el sistema está conectado con nuestra central, por lo que los usuarios que tengan problemas con la carga podrán recibir asistencia con tan solo pulsar un botón.


    Se puede activar el punto de recarga con dispositivos NFC o RFID.

Visibility and profitability

Make your point visible to other users. Get more influx to your locality.


Includes payment gateways that will allow the point to be monetized whenever possible.


Stay informed at all times of the state of the point or of your vehicle.


Accurate data on the use of the point.


The user will know at all times the status in real time of the points on the platform.


It is possible to customize each point with schedules available to the public and price.


The ChargeUser can make reservations at any time ensuring its availability.


The ChargeUser will be penalized if it does not respect the rules or schedule.

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Our products

CO-Remote, CO-Energy and CO-Extent
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Technical Specifications

Circuito alimentaciónAlimentación220V AC
Recarga de vehículos eléctricosVoltaje de entrada 230V monofásicoIntensidad de recarga 6-20 amperios. Potencia de recarga 1,4-4,6 kW
Voltaje de entrada 400V trifásicoIntensidad de recarga 6-32 amperios. Potencia de recarga 1,4-22 kW
Sistema de cargaSchuko Tipo 2 (IEC 62196, "Mennekes")
Punto de recargaModo 3 compatible con IEC 61851-1
Conector vehículoTipo 2 - IEC 62196 - Cierre automático
Intensidad de la recargaAutoajustable con el Potenciómetro
Estado de la cargaTiempo real
GPRS, 3G, 4G3G, 4G, Opcional GPRS NB-IOT
InterfazPantallaTáctil de 10" (25,4cm) LCD 1920x1080
Indicador LEDRGB
Características constructivasTamaño300x200x150mm
Peso4,5 kg
MaterialCaja en plástico ABS - IP54 - IK10
TemperaturaRango comercial
Información adicionalAPPAndroid e iOS
Gestión punto de recargaCharge And Parking
Conectividad24 horas 365 días al año
PagoPlataforma Charge And Parking