Now you can buy your ChargeKey, with which you can activate the point to start your reservation.

Make the reservation and when you reach the point, just by passing it through the reader you can start your recharge.

Also, if you have not done a recharge, with the ChargeKey you can instantly make a reservation of one hour. Pass it through the point reader and, if there is availability, the point will be activated and you will have a time to recharge your vehicle.

The ChargeKey is the ideal solution for fleet management of company vehicles. Your employees will perform the operations of the vehicles without having to use the mobile and bill everything to the same account. You will be able to obtain usage statistics for each car

ChargeKey is also useful for families. Each member can have their key ring to activate the recharges that will be charged in the family account.

Unit price per ChargeKey: €9.99

Total price: €9.99

Transport and IVA included.

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