Do you have a car park for electric vehicles?

Increase your sales...

This brings in EV users who can charge their cars at your charging points while they shop, enjoy their free time and anything else. This will increase the number of clients at your establishment.

Incremento ventas

Better visibility.

Your shopping area will be a world reference. It will be shown on our map and in searches. You will bring in users who were not actually looking for your establishment, but who found a charging point.



If you already have a charging point at your establishment, we can help make it more profitable. We will provide you with the visibility your don't currently have.


Branding Charge

Stand out from the rest, become a part of the Charge and Parking universe and offer your clients added value, becoming a future benchmark.


Specific functionalities to make the most of your charging points and parking places.


Your business will be more visible for users of the WorldCharge community, making your charging point and parking places more profitable. Electric vehicle users prefer to go to places where there are charging points.

Easy payment

Includes payment gateways for charging point bookings, charging in advance for guaranteed payment and saving on management time.


For each charging point and the use made of it.


Different configuration for each charging point by hour and price.

Real time

Updated information about all the charging points entered in the system. (charging vehicle, free, booked, disconnected, error)


Users may check the availability of a charging point in real time, the available power and the type of plug of each charger.


Clients will be able to book their charging points, for a specific day and time.


Clients who do not arrive or do not make proper use of the charging points will be penalised. Those who do not vacate the charging point at the agreed time will also be penalised.

Make the most of your charging point and save time for your clients. They will be grateful for it.

Notifications in users’ smartphones

Warn the user the booking time has ended.
Warn that the booking has ended.
Warn the user that charge is nearly complete.
Warn the user that the vehicle is charged.